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Cult Links

Below are some links to various sites that people have found useful when looking for information about cults, how to recover from being in one, and how to help others get out. Just because we have a link to a site doesn't mean that we believe that everything on the site is correct; as with everything else in life, you will have to weigh all the things presented on these sites, keep the good, and disregard the bad.

Baptistwatch.org (appears to be no longer available) provides information about Westboro Baptist Church and its founder, Fred Phelps. Phelps' church runs godhatesfags.com, and would probably have gotten along famously with Lloyd R. Davis...until of course he found out that L.R. was secretly homosexual.

Here's a discussion forum about The Global Association Of Culture & Peace/Providence Church (formerly known as ICA International Christian Association). This group is an offshoot of Moon's Unification Church.

RSQUBF Discussion Forum is a discussion forum about the University Bible Fellowship, which seems to be an abusive organization similar to CFCMI.

Cult Awareness & Information Centre: See their Eleven Marks of Perverted Authority and How to Discern Spiritual Abuse pages.

Voices From the Fringe on Gospelcom.net

RightCyberUp: A site to help people recover from the International Churches of Christ (ICC). The ICC bears a striking similarity to CFCMI in many aspects.

Steve Hassan's Freedom of Mind Center: Steve is a former Moonie, and his site contains lots of good information about cults. His books are excellent, too.

Silentlambs focuses on the Jehovah's Witnesses and allegations of widespread support for pedophilia in the organization.

The ex-cult Resource Center has lots of information on identifying cults (and specific information about some groups) and lots of links to other cult resources.

This page about Surviving Spiritual Abuse contains some information and personal testimonials about an abusive organization in South Africa.

FactNet has some links to discussions about 'toxic faith' and spiritual abuse. Includes a self-quiz to see if you exhibit signs of being under the influence of a destructive group or belief system.

Xenos Christian Fellowship provides an essay on a critical evaluation of the book "Toxic Faith."